Road Rage

I have done my fair share of driving. Whether I was in the drivers seat, or a passenger, I have driven east to west a total of eight times and north to south close to the same amount. I’ve done big cities (Chicago, Boston, NYC, LA, etc.) and endless flat lands (I hate Montana). And let me just tell you, no state has as bad of drivers and road conditions as Michigan. 

I have never been more irritated after a trip than I was yesterday when I drove from Traverse City to Ann Arbor. Have the good people of the mitten state never heard of a blinker? Or using a passing lane? Or cruise control?

Seriously. For a state famous for being the home of the motor city, there a lot of people who know nothing about driving. Perhaps it is just crazy tourists pushing their way around. But if you have driven anywhere else, you know that I am right.

People of Michigan, learn how to drive!